An Idea is Born

Our Mission:

To maintain and provide quality affordable housing and financial assistance for house repairs to veterans, individuals and their families with household income thresholds that are extremely low to moderate and the homeless with income. SSF will facilitate a network of supportive services to enhance the quality of life for our residents. We are committed to quality service and will provide superb housing and financial assistance for home repairs to our residents and qualified applicants.

Why Us?

SSF's goal is to help every resident reach their desire of home ownership through continued support financially and educationally. For those who already own a home, way to go! We are still here to help you keep your home through financial home repair assistance for those who meet our requirements. Whether your goal is to own a home or you already own a home, SSF is here to serve you.

The vision of S & S Foundation, Inc. as a 501c3 tax exempt organization is to provide temporary housing up to 18 months at reduced rent to qualified participants while receiving free financial coaching on how to save, budget and build credit score in order to qualify for a mortgage to purchase a home for the first time. This project will help eliminate homelessness, create more homeowners, provide financial education to sustain homeownership and build a resilient community.